1. Can you sign my band? First read this: http://www.jerseybeat.com/mint400.html Now, are you still interested? Then send me a link to some streaming music. We cannot respond to everyone, but we will be in contact if we are interested in working with you.

2. What kinds of bands are you looking for? I am looking for bands that fit with the aesthetic of the label. I like a lot of different kinds of music and on the label we have everything from old timey country to surf to indie rock to 60's motown. What I am most interested in is great songwriting and an original singing voice. I also would like to know you have been out there for a little while, played shows, made demos and records. Don't send us your material if you just picked up an instrument in the last year.

3. What do you do for bands? We do digital distro, recording, producing, engineering, mastering, video editing, web design, art & graphic design, music licensing, radio promotion and a little PR. Some bands need all of our services and some do not, but we are more then willing to help with every aspect of your music career.

4. What don't you do? We do not give cash advances and we don't press records for unproven bands.

5. So are you a real label? You see my friend, there are plenty of rich kids who start record labels and then offer to press lots of records for you. Those records I promise will sit indefinitely in someones basement. We instead concern ourselves with actually saving you time and money. Our goal is for you to actually make money and further your musical career.

6. Where can I license music from bands on your label? We use Parma Music Licensing, Dearth Music Licensing and Rumblefish Music Licensing, please contact them and they will give you all the info on that sort of thing.

7. Can I intern for you? YES, please, especially if you have any graphic design skills or writing skills.

8. Are you hiring? Nope, sorry, it's a one man show right now...

9. Do you help charities? We would love to help any charity organizations in any way possible. We would love to give you free music to giveaway or have our bands play at your event, just let us know.

10. Can I interview or review one of your bands? Yes, please just let us know for what publication or website and we will send you all necessary music and info.

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